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Whether you are looking to save or invest for the long term or a specific event we are experts in advising you where to save and invest.  Our Approach is to look at your overall financial position and recommend products which help to diversify your portfolio, meet your aspirations and your savings and investments timescale. We specialise in bank and building society deposits, stock market based investments in collective schemes and insurance bonds.

How Financial Options Can Help You

Financial Options is able through its experienced and qualified advisers to offer:

  • Savings and Investment Plans tailored individually to suit your needs and aspirations
  • An "Independent Financial Advisor" who researches the whole market to find the best value products
  • A wide choice of products explained to you clearly and in comprehensible terms
  • Regular updates about your investments and advice of new products to help protect and maximize your wealth
  • Solutions which are tailored to minimise your tax liability whilst not making a compromise on returns

Our Approach

We believe it is essential we get to know our Clients and that they get to know us.  We prefer that when making an investment or embarking upon a savings plan, that it be carried out as part of an overall and ongoing financial review.  In this way we can help you create a diversified portfolio of assets, monitor it and help you make changes in the future.  A well-designed and well-considered diversified portfolio will provide:

  • Diversification between assets and product types to reduce risk
  • Ready access to immediate cash when you need it
  • Flexibility to make changes to investments when required at minimal or even zero cost
  • Minimisation of your tax liability

When asked we will act on an execution basis, however we consider ourselves to be Financial Planners, not Financial Product Sellers.

Our investment experts Gerald Chase, Simon Faulkner and Frank Bowker are happy to assist you and may be contacted by e-mail at [email protected] or alternatively if you would like to discuss your requirements please feel free to call 01624 612611


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