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Collective Schemes

Stock Market Investments may provide superior returns. We recommend investment in Collectives (Unit Trusts and OEICS - Open Ended Investment Companies).

Collectives consist of perhaps numerous company shares, Company Corporate Bonds, Government loan stock such as UK Government Gilts or Property Funds. There are literally thousands of these mutual funds which invest in different asset classes and in different market sectors, both by Speciality (e.g. Technology) or geographic region and sector (e.g. UK Smaller Companies).

The advantages of investing in Collectives include diversification across a range of shares or assets thereby reducing risk of exposure to just one or two companies, professional stock-picking and lower dealing costs. Returns over the long term are anticipated to be greater than for other product groups. We recommend diversification when choosing Collectives, based upon spreading investments across markets in funds which have a good track record.


We recommend holding your funds on a Funds Platform. Our advice to you includes:

  • Constructing a diverse portfolio of top-performing collectives
  • Providing monthly valuations
  • Regularly reviewing your investments
  • Recommending switches in funds when necessary
  • Making switches between funds for you at no cost

For regular savers Collectives can form part of a good investment strategy.  Drip-feeding very small amounts into well-diversified stock market mutual funds (known as pound cost averaging), results in smoothing returns over time and reduces the risk of making a large investment at the wrong time.

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Please note that with this type of investment past performance cannot guarantee future returns and the value of your investment can go down as well as up.


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