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Buildings & Contents Insurance - A Mortgage Requirement

When purchasing a property it is essential to ensure that you have adequate Buildings and Contents insurance in place as it is a requirement of the mortgage lender as they will not allow you to draw down the funds until they have evidence that the insurance is in place and is sufficient.

If you are purchasing a flat or an apartment it is very likely that the Management Company that runs the property will hold a Buildings insurance policy on the entire block.  Your advocate will be able to liaise with the Management Company and arrange sight of any policy that is in place.

There is a great range of Buildings and Contents policies available with a large amount of different elements that you can add.  We would always suggest that you add Accidental Damage to any policy as this tends to account for about a third of all claims.  You can also add cover for belongings outside of the home anywhere in the world, travel insurance, working from home and even cover your childrens belongings when they are away at university.

For a quotation for a comprehensive Buildings and Contents policy please contact Paul on 01624 612611, e-mail us at a[email protected] or please feel free to complete the online form.