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If you are thinking about moving house then there are certain things that you have to consider before you start packing boxes!  If you have a current mortgage, are you able to port this to the new property or will you incur a large penalty for paying it off?  If you do have to arrange a new mortgage what will the various fees be?  Arrangement fees and valuation fees can certainly add up.  How about existing life assurance  and buildings insurance policies?  How much will the legal fees be for both buying and selling?  How much will an estate agent charge and do you have to sell your property first before you make an offer on another?

At Financial Options we can talk you through the whole home-moving process.  We have access to the full range of mortgage rates from all of the lenders on the Isle of Man.  We can arrange for you to transfer a particular rate that you have on your current property to your new home to avoid penalties or simply because it is very good deal that you don't want to give up.

We can advise you how much a new mortgage will cost, not just initially but also going forward on a monthly basis.  We will even arrange to contact you just before your initial rate is due to expire to ensure that you re-negotiate with the current lender or that we re-mortgage you to a better deal.  In terms of insurances we will review your current portfolio and advise on whether it is worth keeping existing plans or whether it is best to make new arrangements and of course we can provide the quotes as well!

We can also advise on which advocates are offering the best rates and provide the best service and which estate agents are going to look after you and promote your property to its full potential.

All of this means that Financial Options can expertly guide you from start to finish through what is supposed to be the second most stressful thing you ever do, moving house!

For more information please call Paul on 01624 612611, e-mail [email protected] or please feel free to complete our on-line form


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